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Kevlar Gloves
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Kevlar Gloves

What is Kevlar

Kevlar is a registered trademark of the DuPont company. It is a light yet excedingly strong para-aramid synthetic fibre. Kevlar first appeared on the market in the early 1970s and as a result of its very high strength to weight ratio Kevlar has found applications in many industry sectors, from reinforcing boat hulls and aeroplanes to the more obvious uses in personal protection such as body armour and of course gloves and sleeves. You can learn more about Kevlar at the Wikipedia website.

The main advantage of the high strength of Kevlar in terms of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)is that it provides a good cut resistance. Kevlar gloves and sleeves easily achieve EN388 cut level 3 and the heavyweight products will even reach cut level 4. For more information about EN388 and the other european standards relating to work gloves got to our Specifications Explained page.

The Gloves4Work Range of Kevlar Gloves and Sleeves

Gloves4Work offers a good selection of Kevlar gloves and sleeves, as well as other cut resistant products. Starting with a simple lightweight Kevlar liner glove that can be worn underneath another type of glove that perhaps doesn't have sufficient cut resistance, through to the more complex design of leather faced Kevlar gloves that offer tremendous grip as well as a high cut resistance. We do recomend that you look at our other cut resistant gloves if this is a particular feature that you require.

Applications for Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar and other aramid fibre gloves are favourites amongst the glass manufactures where the risk of injury from handling sharp edges is very high. The steel presswork industry is another area that has found the benefits of using Kevlar to be crucial. In this application the Kevlar glove is often worn as a liner underneath a cheaper disposable leather glove which offers better grip than Kevlar and also saves the Kevlar from contamination from the oils used in the manufacturing process.



Boa Flex

Gloves for the Agricultural and Fishery Industry

Gloves4work supply a good range of gloves ideally suited for the agricultural and fishery industry, consisting of Natural rubber, Neoprene rubber, PVC and chemical resistant gloves. For more information about EN388 and the other european standards relating to work gloves got to our Specifications Explained page.

Chemical Resistant Gloves with Escellent Grip for the Agricultural and Fishery Industry

Natural rubber latex gloves, with embossed pattern on the palm area improves wet and dry grip ideal for the fishery industry, Chemically toughened gloves to improve protection against many acids, alkalis, detergents and ketones are more suitable for the agricultural Industry.
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Glove Properties for the Agricultural and Fisheries Industry

The reason gloves4work chose this range of gloves for the agricultural and fishery industry, is due to their excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, acid protection including many insecticides, a cotton flock lining which helps to protect against cold and also many of our gloves are treated with Actifresh®, an anti-bacterial agent which helps retard odours and eliminate germs.



Boa Flex

Gloves for the Airline Catering Industry

As for the whole of the catering industry there are always potential problems with health and safety and many of the problems are due to handling very hot or very cold products. In the catering industry handling of wet and slippery objects is one of the hazards that arises on a day to day basis.

Additional Hazards in the Arline Catering Industry

As a result of working in catering on airlines the risk of injury is far greater than working in catering in a static environment, this is due to the constant movement due to motion and turbulence. The additional risks that this presents, highlights the need for wearing the correct gloves.
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Airline Catering Glove Properties

Gloves4work have selected these gloves to help prevent injury in the airline catering industry. The following properties gives the caterers the best possible protection available. Double thickness seamless 48 oz 100% cotton, good abrasion resistance in dry handling conditions and offering economic thermal protection when handling hot or cold objects. Some have extended cuffs that provide additional protection to the lower arm.